Gopal Hari passing away

Shiva Maheshwara

Though our dear Brother Gopal Hari is no more with us in his physical body but he will always live in our heart through his soul rendering Babaji Bhajans, a selfless service he rendered in praise of his Guru Shree Babaji for the past over 30 years.

 The entire Haidakhandi family will always be indebted to this true disciple of Shree Haidakhan Baba.

 His passing away is a great loss to the whole Babaji family.

Shambhu and Veda our heartfelt sympathies and condolence. We pray to Shree Babaji to grant eternal peace to the departed soul of our brother Gopal.

Bhole Baba Ki Jai

In grief

Alok Banerjee

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Chaitra Navratri at Haidakhan Vishwamahadham 2014

I landed up at the Ashram on 30th March to find a large number of people already gathered for the Celebrations.There was a buzz of activity around the Ashram,last minute preparations,getting together of old friends .Even Hira Singh and Pan Singhs Tea Stalls were spruced up and ready for the next ten days.
We went during the day to Maha Shakti Dhuni and the Company Bagh garden  was resplendent in a riot of colours red,yellow,violet.Across the river on Gufa Side large number of Karma Yogis were hard at work.All the temples were meticulously painted.The new Babaji Building was ready and waiting for the arrival of devotees.GaurHari was going about  deftly commandeering his volunteer force to make everything ready for the Navratras starting next day.
The Navratri Celebrations coincide with the 1st day of the Indian Calender and was  formally started by the reading of the Predictions for the New year ahead.As always it evinced great interest among the audience and I was inundated with requests to send a soft copy of the predictions in English.This is being done.
We quickly fell into the hectic and tight schedule of Navratri interspersed with cups of tea/coffee.This year the Samaj had arranged to serve tea  soon after Chandan and this  was very much appreciated by everybody.
A new activity was fitted in after the Havan and before Bhandara.Since there were a very large number of new devotees   both Indian and foreign ,it was thought that a Satsang/ Dialogues in Divinity would be a good program to share personal experiences of old devotees with the new.LokNathji coordinated this program and it proved to be immensely popular as evidenced by the overflowing hall in the new Babaji
Kuthir .There were wonderful stories told by Bhagwan Rana,Lok Nath ,Ram Lota,Sondra Ray,Shri Sharmaji and Shri Saksena and other old  Babaji devotees.Shri Mayapati Tripathi and Shri Vinode Shashtriji also came to adress the gathering on two days and spoke about the significance of rituals like Chandan,Havan and the Nine Day Yagna for Devi in her nine forms.From everyone’s feedback this was a very useful and interesting program and we hope to make it a permanent feature in future Navratris.
By about the third day of Navratri Ashram was filled up to capacity and more were coming in each day.We had to accommodate people in the hospital halls etc.I have never seen such long and serpentine  lines in recent years for Chandan which lasted for over an hour and half.The temple hall was overflowing during morning and evening Aarti and we had to put mats outside near Babaji Samadhi to accommodate people.I will say that we had about seven hundred devotees both Indian and foreign this year.
Another highlight this year was some outstanding cultural events like classical Bharat Natyam Dance by UmaDevi of Germany and some excellent Sarod and dance performance by internationally renowned  Shri Mukesh Sharma and Shrimati Savitri Sharma.We also had a masterly rendition on Tabla by our Gurubhai Imam who had very generously arranenged for this program.Most of all were the many magical moments of Bhajans which make the Navratris so special.Moti Ma,Champua,Mukundi ,Vinode Shashtriji enthralled and mesmerised the audience.There were also an amazing crop of new and talented artists.
One of the most memorable experiences for me was the All Night Bhajan and Chanting at Maha Shakti Dhuni.Words are too inadequate to describe the spiritual energy of this event.It just fill you up with Devine energy and bliss.
Most of the devotees who came felt that this years Navratri was special -it was very tranquil and yet very intense.
I have one other observation and that is we had a large presence of younger generation .Standing tall(literally)among the new generation was Raghu and Hari Har sons of Our gurubhais Raghubir and Hargovind.It was a pleasure to see them helped by many other young devotees like the beautiful daughters of Parvati from Bali managing the distribution of Prasad.BBKJ.
I will fail in my duty if I donot acknowledge the hard work and devotion of so many people who made this Navratri so special.Beautiful and fresh garlands from Laxmi and her team,wonderful Bhandaras from Sandeep and his team of cooks and service people,Shivani,Premdas,Nidhi kishore,Karma Singh,Ram Lota who ensured perfection at  Havan ,Tiger Singh and his family,Sangeeta and Govardhan at Dhuni ,Sabina and her team at the office,Kunti and her colleagues  at the Bhakti Bhandar and so many more people who served Babaji and ensured a wonderful Navratri for us.
In conclusion I will say that I had a sense that here in Haidakhan Babaji was inspiring and managing its affairs.His overwhelming presence was evident and even though very hectic and sometimes physically exhausting the bliss experienced was sublime .His Grace was evident and ever present in everything.
Uday Chatterjee
Bhole Baba Ki Jai
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Reminder Gurupurnima 2014 in Switzerland

Dear Brothers & Sisters

This is to remind you, to re invite you and to inspire you to be part of Babaji’s Guru Purnima celebration in Schweibenalp, Switzerland.

9th – 13th July 2014 Schweibenalp, Switzerland

When we partner with life, with the Divine,  we are frequently awed and amazed at the support that comes often in magical ways.

Choice by choice, step by step, we are tending to the garden of our dreams and our souls are nourished by the fruits of our efforts.

By aligning our hearts, we amplify our energy and enhance our ability to flourish and alignt with the Divine, Babaji

Together we are better, more of our best, brothers and sisters. We’re grateful knowing that each contribution of Truth, Simplicity and Love, offered to the Divine and birthed into reality, is a blessing for all.

We are the stuff dreams are made of, together with we are Babaji’s dream when we celebrate and exalt in HIM. 

Come and join us, make an effort to be present at the Divine celebrations of Gurupurnima this year at Schweibenalp;

Many organized minds amongst us have already reserved. Private rooms are all taken but let that not hold you to quick take action !

Oldfashoned cosiness in dormitories, tents, campers and in hotels and lodges in the area.

Please reserve now, wo we can make proper arrangements for you ! It is going to be great therefore very busy!


  10th European Haidakhandi-Gurupurnima Meeting

9th – 13th July 2014 Schweibenalp, Switzerland

The members of the Swiss Haidakhandi Sanga, the community at the Centre of Unity Schweibenalp and our international team have the joy to invite you for Gurupurnima 2014 to the old Siddhashram at Schweibenalp.

Gurupurnima is a season for celebration and renewal and maybe even for an outlook in the future for us personally and the spiritual family. Let’s seek to meet at a most meaningful and truthful level. Being blessed with the awareness of Babajis Divine mission we strengthen the field of his work by our devotion and service and in our uniting in puja, prayer and satsang.

As usual we will celebrate the daily functions of our Haidakhandi discipline.

As our two great teachers Sri Maha Avatar Babaji and Sri Maha Munirajji have left their bodies and – although omnipresent in spirit – their direct physical guidance is no longer available, it is paramount to meet, reconnect and reorient regularly as a family.

We started to meet 2004 for Gurupurnima, with Sri Munirajis blessing from all over Europe and even from India, Australia and America. In 2014 we will come together for the third time at Center of Unity Schweibenalp,at Siddhashram as Sri Muniraji named this Divine place in the Swiss Alps.

When we came together for our first international gathering we were 220 people from 22 nations and we were all of us marvelled how strong the presence and blessings of Sri Babaji was.

Since then we have met every year and one purpose has been all along to further coopera­tion within and amongst centres, ashrams, nations and individuals.

Today our central question is: how do we faithfully continue to manifest Babaji’s teach­ings? Do we have a vision? – Are we stronger individually or collectively? – What is spiritual authority what cooperation? – What our social activities and our outreach? – How do we communicate within the smaller and the larger networks? – How is our intergenerational development. Elders and next the next generation

We propose to encourage as many of our youngsters and kids as possible to come also to this gathering. If wished they can come together in separate meetings to discuss their own issues or also share with us their views and vision.

Start of the event: 9th of July in the afternoon

End of the event: 13th of July in the afternoon

Accommodation prices per overnight stay, including 2 meals, (breakfast in Chaishop):

Dormitory (min 3 days): 55.00 CHF Wed-Sun 220CHF

In the dome or dormitory tent: 50.00 CHF Wed-Sun 200CHF

In your tent or camper: 45.00 CHF Wed-Sun 180CHF

Day visitors (two meals +) 40.00 CHF Wed-Sun 160CHF

Children up to 7 years are free; 7–12 years 50%; 12-16 years 35% reduction

Additional tourist tax per day 3.- CHF, children 1.- CHF

For reservation please contact: Zentrum der Einheit Schweibenalp CH 3855 Brienz

Tel: +41 (0) 33 952 2000

There is the possibility to rent apartments or hotel rooms in Brienz or Axalp. Please contact Brienz Tourismus, Hauptstrasse 143, 3855 Brienz

Tel. +41 (0)33 952 80

Bursary fund: We want everyone desiring to attend to be able to participate! We have a bur­sary fund by a devotee to help those, who cannot afford the accommodation; especially for those from low income countries in Eastern Europe. So if you need reduction on the above fees, contact us and we will give you a reduction as long as the fund is there. Please don’t just come and ask for reduction upon arrival!

Karma yoga: We need all healthy people to participate with 1 hour karma yoga minimum per day to secure the comfort of the big Bhole Baba family and to honour the teachings of our beloved Sri Babaji.

Please contact us in all issues as soon as possible, first come first serve!

In advanced joy!!


Bhole Baba ki Jay

Sundar, Moris, Susheela, Raghuvir, Pujari, Kharku, Lok Nath, Alok, from the international and local organisation teams

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Report medical camp 8th and 9th March 2014


Dear Fellow Devotees,

BBKJ! It is with great pleasure that I am enclosing the report on the Medical Camp held at Haidakhan Vishwa Maha Dham on the 8th & 9th March 2014. The Camp was a thundering success for which we are grateful to Col BS Rana, Mrs Meena Chandra, Mrs Kirti Chand and other doctors and staff of the SBHCRH and Haidkhandi Samaj.


Arvind Lal
(Hony) Brig. Dr. Arvind Lal

Padma Shri

Chairman & Managing Director

Dr. Lal PathLabs Pvt. Ltd.

Tel:  +91 124 301 6500

Fax: +91 124 423 4468


Click on the hyperlink below for the details of the report



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Repeated invitation Gurupurnima 2014

Please click on the link below for Gurupurnima in  July Switzerland 2014

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