Invitation Ashwin Navaratri 2016

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Shri Alok Banerjee would like to invite you all in the name of Babaji, 

Shri Muniraj and the entire Samaj to come and celebrate Ashwin Navaratri 


Anandpuri Ashram in Chiliyanoula.

The celebrations will be from 

1 to 10 October including Dasheera. 

2016 aswin navaratri

Amba Amba Jai Jagadamba, sarva rup he tu hi Amba.

Oh Mother you are the essence of all forms.

It is important for your personal lives but also for the well being of the world in general that we remember that Shri Durga Devi is the essence of everything in our creation. In worshipping Her as we were taught by Shri Babaji we can bring harmony within ourselves and in our surroundings.

Anandpuri Ashram is the physical manifestation of Shri Muniraj’s devotion. Of course many have participated and contributed but without him this beautiful monument for Babaji would not have been there.

Shri Muniraj has stimulated us for many years to come to Navaratri as the intensity of Maya makes us us forget when we move around in the world. Now we have to take our own responsibility to be part of Babaji’s larger body and our spiritual progress, our focus on the Divine.

Come and join us and if you can take some extra time before and or after to help with the organisation.

Karma Yoga is the highest yoga Babaji said and without it, ashrams and Navaratri’s cannot not exist.

See you there !

Bhole Baba ki Jai !

Durga Devi ki jai !

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