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General information

Contact person Ramloti
Address P.O. Box 9
Postal Code CO 81131
City Crestone
Telephone +1  719 – 256 – 4108
Telefax -
e-mail info@babajiashram.org
web-site www.babajiashram.org

Genesis of the ashram

Haidakhandi Universal Ashram Shri Babaji’s home here in the sacred Rocky Mountains of Colorado was established in 1986.  The land was chosen and dedicated during a visit by Shri Munirajji and Shri Shastriji.  This land has always been sacred to the Native American Indians and is now home to over twenty different spiritual groups from around the world.  We celebrate living in this community of diversity and cooperation.  Over twenty years later the Ashram stands on 101 acres of pristine land with a beautiful creek flowing through it which provides the Ashram with its water.  Built off the grid, we utilize the abundant sunshine at this 8,500 feet elevation to heat our water, our floors, and to electrify our buildings.  We build with sustainable building materials such as:  straw bales, old tires rammed with earth, aluminum cans, pumice crete, and adobe.  We utilize solar gain for our primary heat supply and insulate our buildings well to stay very comfortable throughout our cold but sunny and dry winters.We are very fortunate to have a magnificent temple with a breath-taking life-size murti of the Divine Mother, Haidakhandeshwari, which is pictured in this section.   With Her beneficent love and grace, She attracts people from all over America to come and have Her darshan.  We have thousands of visitors every year. We celebrate all of the major festivals here, particularly Spring and Fall Navratri.  We have a lovely straw bale dormitory and invite people to come and stay that wish to immerse themselves into the spiritual practices given to us by Shri Babaji.  Please visit our web site for more information and e mail us with any questions. We love to hear from you.  Bhole Baba Ki Jai!

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