*The Netherlands

Ashram Sada Shiva Dham, Loenen (gld)

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General information

Organizations full name Dutch Haidakhandi Samaj Foundation
Contact person Martin Baba  martinbaba@tele2.nl
Address Vrijenbergweg 60 – 62
Postal Code 7371 AB
City Loenen (Veluwe)
Telephone +31 (0)55 – 505 2871
Telefax -
e-mail sadashivadham@gmail.com
web-site http://www.babaji.nl/


Bhole Baba ki Jai !!! Our beautiful ashram Sada Shiva Dham -Home of Lord Shiva-, is situated in one of the most scenic parts in the middle of Holland , the Veluwe National Parks. This ashram is a very peaceful place , surrounded by many old and tall trees in the forest.The birthyear of our ashram is 1992. But before this event we had established a temple for our  Beloved Babaji in Amsterdam. We initiated the temple in 1981, after experiencing an exceptional Leela from Babaji.While visiting Babaji in Hairakhan, He had said many times to Bhuri that she should start a Temple for Him in Amsterdam. This never happened , but Christmas 1980 He told her : “If  you have not done this karma yoga by the time you come here again  I will send you back to your country immediately”.In februari 1981 we suddenly remembered what He had said !  And within a few days we managed to arrange a very simple but joyfull temple and the first Arati was enjoyed by a surprisingly big group of people , singing happily along with an Arati cassette tape. Babaji gave -unknown to us !- the touching present of celebrating the first Arati in Holland on Maha Shiva Ratri ! Back in Hairakhan , we wanted to thank Him for this moving gift . He said : “Yes , I know , I was there too , good chai ! “.In Amsterdam , Babaji’s Home moved to several other houses and although Shri Munirajji liked the places and visited them all, He insisted that we needed a Real Ashram in Holland. Pujari and Bhuru searched throughout the country and at last found a wonderful , nice and big wooden villa in the forest with a luxurious garden , large grassfields and woods .In 1992 we celebrated the opening of our “Real Ashram” ,inaugurated by Shri Munirajji and  Shri Shastriji. But ! What a disaster !  Our dear home for Babaji burnt totally to the ground in 1994. The only thing left was our small Dhunihouse.  With the dedicated help of good constructors and a great number of devotees we re-built our Home for Babaji.In 1996 , Shri Munirajji and Shri Shastriji once again inaugurated and gave Life to our two powerful Murti’s. We are very thankful for this unique place where Babaji’s loving presence can clearly be felt an experienced. And ever thankful to the special devotees who run the ashram , always giving a hearty welcome to devotees and the many visitors. Our pujari is a present from heaven ! A devotee once said : “If there was a Nobel-Prize for pujari’s then it should go to our MaartenBaba.”Sada Shiva Dham  brims over with activities . Early every morning meditation in the Dhunihouse , Havan there saturday, sunday ,monday. Arati in the morning and evening.  “Babajiweekends” around Full Moon , with big yagya (vedic fireceremony). Lakshmi Puja once a month, celebration of spring and autumn Navaratri. Bhajan concerts.  Also yoga and fasting weeks and several other spiritual healing groups.   And of course always the possibility to perform a lot of karma yoga .

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MAHA   MAYA   ki  JAI  !!

Bhole Baba ki Jai!!

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