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View at the mountains during daytime

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Postal Code CH-3855
City Brienz
Telephone +41(0)339512001
e-mail info@schweibenalp.ch
web-site www.schweibenalp.chwww.haidakhandi-sangha.ch


In the Centre of Unity Schweibenalp   The Foundation Schweibenalp was founded in 1982 on behalf of the great teacher Sri Haidakhan Baba by Dr. Sundar Robert Dreyfus, Fredy Aly und Sylvia Bollag. It is a place where traditional religions and cultures connect with new spiritual concepts to a religion of the heart. It was founded as a place for a multicultural community on the path of realization of the principles of truth, simplicity and love and the experience of unity, which in the end is beyond all diversity. The Center of Unity Schweibenalp is one of the first seminar houses and centers in the German speaking area, which is active in an interreligious dialogue with international speakers.To this day the founders are involved in the fulfilment of the mission along with people of different spiritual orientations, among them some disciples of Sri Babaji and Swami Premananda.  

A Center for International Peace Gatherings

The mission of the center and the people who live here means practical work for peace and reconciliation. This center is linked with communities and teachers from all over the world with whom we share the vision of humanity living according to peaceful principles.

Holiday-makers welcome, especially with kids

Many guests and families have discovered and appreciated our unconventional house as a suitable holiday destination. Situated in one of the nicest mountain and holiday regions of Switzerland with many leisure and hiking possibilities, the Center of Unity Schweibenalp invites you to spend some time in this unique place. The daily meditations, the fire ceremony in the morning, the worship in the chapel as well as the song and dance evenings are open to all visitors.

A special place in the magical Berner Oberland

Schweibenalp is situated in a wonderful mountain setting at the end of the Giessbach gorge with a view of the turquoise coloured Lake of Brienz. Its history as a place of power is fascinating. It is said that even the druids lived here. Old, gnarled maple trees covered with moss and fern and peculiar rock formations are there, as if they were witnesses of this former mystical time.

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