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General Information

Contact person Bo Wahlström   
Address Ortalalund 7457
Postal Code 760 40
City Väddö,
Country Sweden
Telephone +46-(0)176-50448  ,+46-(0)70-2184838
e-mail info@intuition-bw.com


Sambasadashiva was registered in 1991 in Stockholm, Sweden, as a non-profit foundation with the purpose to work for the spiritual and social uplifting of humanity and to participate in the co-creation of a unity beyond races, nations and religions. The purpose of the foundation was also to create a body that could purchase and run an ashram with much land as a growing potiential. Haidakhan Baba Center was founded already in 1982 and is a non-profit organisation that since those days have spread Shri Babaji´s teachings, organised spiritual programs and sold books, pictures, CD´s, malas, etc.
Our Swedish ashram, Sambasadashiva Dham was purchased in 1992 and is beautifully located in the countryside about 120 km north of Stockholm. It consists of 9 hectare of forest, with a Dhuni inside. In 1994 it was inaugurated by a Alok Bannerjee, Haregovind Baba and a group of other Haidakhandis.
In the year of 2000 the land was ecologically investigated as a part of a devotee’s examination in Geobiology at the University of Uppsala. The result was encouraging. The forest is pure and free from acid due to a soil with much calcium. That allows a great biodiversity of plants, flowers and herbs which is unusual. As a part of the investigation, a plan how to tend the forest enable to keep the diversity and to improve it was also laid down.
 On the property is also a big barn. In 2003, as a preparation for the visit of Shri Mahamandaleshwar, a Mandir was erected inside. The first Puja was then performed during the three day program here. Many people came from several countries to attend. A two day program was also arranged for him in co-operation with Hindu Mandir society in Stockholm, which is serving hundreds of Hindus living in Sweden. Our connection with them has continued and we have visited each others programs at several occasion.

In summer of 2007 a 450 kg Shivling, with the energy of Jyotirling Mahakaleshwar, arrived from India for serving the Hindu community during their performance of funeral rites in Sweden. Awaiting its permanent placement it was placed in our Mandir. Later in the fall we participated in it the program when Mahakaleshwar was installed at it’s place south of Stockholm.

Under the blessings of Shri Babaji and His message of unity, we have seen visitors from all faiths coming to the ashram. Some people have stayed here more permanently for some year or more, but so far it is mostly me and my family here. Bigger programs are arranged about ten times a year, mainly Navaratri, Christmas and Solstice, but people come here for shorter or longer retreats all year.  The land here is a great, untapped potential for expanding the ashram but also for building your own place. And there are always need for Karma Yoga and other donations.


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