Haidakhan Vishwa Mahadham Ashram, Haidakhan, India

(litt. “the most beautiful place in the universe”),



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Haidakhan main temple exterior

General information

Contact person
Address P.O. Haidakhan
Postal Code PIN 263 126
City District Nainital (Uttranchal)
Country INDIA
Telefax -
e-mail info@haidakhanbabaji.com
web-site www.haidakhanbabaji.com

Genesis of the ashram

…….And There Was Light…….From ancient times Hairakhan and the surrounding  Kumaon foothills of the Himalayas were enlighted by the presence  of numerous holy men. The tradition of Babaji goes back thousands of years  Twice in the past hundred years Babaji has appeared , lived and taught  in the tiny village of Hairakhan.
Shri Babaji Mahavatar reappeared in the cave on the Gufa-site at the feet of Hairakhan Mount Kailash in 1970 and left His body in 1984 on Valentine’s day ,the 14th of February.
In the beginning of this ministry there only existed the little temple that He built in the 1890′s during His former Manifestation , known as “Old Hairakhan Baba “.  It was situated on the top of the hill where His ashram is located.
Babaji  started to build small , simple rooms for visiting devotees ,whose numbers increased very quickly.
At first only Indians arrived but soon an amazing amount of westerners came to Hairakhan.
Babaji also constructed nine small temples on the foot of  Mount Kailash , opposite the river Gautami Ganga that flows between the two sites  of the ashram.
That was a grand Karmayoga project ! In order to obtain a “floor” for that construction , the mountain had to be partly dug away and leveled. Babaji was always present to guide and support.  Bhole Baba ki  JAI !!!
The nine temples were dedicated to various hindi gods and goddesses .
Babaji also created a Dhuni house (” Maha Shakti Dhuni ” ) on the foot of the 108 steps ,the big stairs that lead to the ashram. That  Dhuni place exists for thousands of years , Babaji “renovated ” the old site and built a new eight sided dhuni (fireplace) with His own hands. Dedicated to Jagadamba ,the eightarmed Divine Mother.
And at the Gufa site near the nine temples  He constructed a big Havankund (fireplace) for the ancient vedic fireceremonies.
The devotees also came to enjoy the beautiful Gautami Ganga river .Babaji once said about this splendid river : ” She is singing OM  from time immemorial . Listen and join ! ”
The “intoxicating” sound of this river , soft in summer but very loud in monsoon time,delights and inspires the spirit  of everybody, many of them hear an angelic choir singing above her holy waters.
Together with the warble of the birds and the beautiful trees and flowers , Hairakhan is a paradise on earth.
At the time Babaji left His body ,several more ashram buildings were built by to host the large numbers of devotees that came to visit Him . They all came to Love and experience Babaji , receiving His Blessings and Teachings, enjoying ceremonies like Arati and Havan.
Even nowadays , although Babaji is no longer in His physical form but likely residing at other holy places, people still clearly feel His presence and receive Babaji’s spiritual blessings by living a life in Truth , Simplicity and Love.
Shri Shri 1008 Shri Hairakhanwale Baba , Shiva Mahavatar , Lord Sada Shiva , Shri Shri MahaPrabhuji Babaji, through His infinite wisdom and love , has truly bestowed upon Hairakhan a worldwide name and fame .
And Hairakhan Vishwa Mahadham ( “the most beautiful place in the universe” ) is still today a place that benefits the hundreds who come to love ,experience and enjoy The Spirit .                                    OM  NAMAH   SHIVAY

Ananda Puri Ashram, Chilianaula (Rhaniket), India



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Temple Chilianaula

General information

Contact person Pratibha and Indra (personal phone: +91 (0)5966 / 222345)
Postal Code PIN 263647
City Chilianaula, Ranikhet, District Almora, Uttarakhand
Country INDIA
Telephone +91 XXXX XXXX
Telefax -
e-mail anandpuri.ashram@gmail.com
web-site www.anandpuri.com

Genesis of the ashram

In the late 1970’s, Babaji began and completed by the early 80’s another large temple and ashram in another part of the Kumaon region – at a tiny and beautifully scenic village named Chilianaula,  near the military hill town of Ranikhet. The temple at Chilianaula not only commands a majestic and almost surrealistic view of the Himalayas, it is also vibrant with a high rate of divine pulsation, second only to the core temple at the main Haidyakhan ashram.  Its proximity to Ranikhet provides it easy access for devotees and tourists.  In fact, at the present moment, the temple is never free of visitors come summer, winter, rain or shine. They flock to the place wanting to know more and more about Babaji and the lineage he represents. But which lineage can the Almighty represent? Pervasive in the entire cosmos – creator, sustainer and destroyer – residing in all, yet belonging to none


Haidakhandi Shiv-Shakti Dam ashram

Full Name name Shree 10008 Haidakhandi Shiv Shakti Dam
Contact person Shashi & Bipin Agarwal
Address 4, Redhawk Run
Postal Code 80113
City Englewood CO
Country USA
Telephone 091 – 94119 – 92457 (Pramod Gupta in India)
Cell-phone 1- 303 – 523 – 8627 (Shashi in USA)
e-mail shashi_agarwal@hotmail.com
web-site -
General Less than five hour train ride fromNew Delhi, you arrive at Etawah. It is about thirty minute by personal transport to arrive at the ashram. There is a 3 foot murti of Shri Babaji, as well 7 murties of deities (Ganesha, Kartikeya, Parvati, Shivling, Nandi, Durga, Hanuman) surrounded by trees, plants and flowers. Ashram is changing the life of people by conducting Yoga camps, fire ceremony, monthly health clinic and bhajans. You can reel positive energy and the change ashram has brought to nearby villages
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Murti Shri Babaji


Overview ashram








Genesis Babaji Samaj.

Manda ashram

Full Name name Bhagwan Shri 1008 Haidakhandi go seva Ashram
Contact person  Yogendra or Pallu
Address  Nagam/Manda  Taluka Umergam Dist. Valsad Gurarat – India
Postal Code
Country INDIA
Telephone res: +912267253608
Cell-phone +919820624793  or +919769130843 or
e-mail -
web-site -
Bhole Baba ashram as localy known is situated at Nagam/Manda. To reach this ashram from N India and other parts devotees can come to Vapi and then take a taxi or riksh to Bhole Baba ashram. Nag/Manda via Sarigam. Its about 23kms away from Vapi. Devotees coming from Mumbai can by road by taxi or by train. They should get down at Sanjan station and take a riksha to the ashram via Khatalwad to Nagam. It is around 12kms from Sanjan.
Photos manda3-c  manda2-cmanda1-c
Shri Babaji did the inauguration of the Manda temple in 1983 autumn navratri. The temple has the murtis of Ganeshji, Kali Mata, Batuk Bhairav and Hanumanji. It is surrounded by fruit orchard. Since the rituals at the mandir are followed as per Babajis wish, every full moon haven is performed where lots of local and other devotees participate in the bhandara.
Spring and autumn navratri is also observed as per Babajis wish where haven is done only on the 8th day of navratri.  Mahashivratri is celebrated every year and for this occasions Shri Babajis padukas come with devotees and occasion is celebrated for 3 days. On shivratri night all night shiv puja is performed with abhishek on the lingam.
Manda trust is is meant to serve cows and it is called Shri Bhagwan Shri  1008 Sri Haidyakhandi Go-Seva ashram where we serve the old and stray cows. The local people know the ashram as Bhole Baba ashram.
The trust also extends financial help to local people for medical help, education and any such deserving cause.


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