Bhole Baba Ashram, Rieferath



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Exterior: Main building

General information

Contact person Nadja Michel (Nirmala) [President]
Address Kalkstück 11
Postal Code D-51570
City Windeck-Rieferath
Telephone +49 (0) 2243 6603
Telefax +49 (0) 2243 911 623
e-mail vorstand@babajiashram.de
web-site www.babajiashram.de


BHOLE BABA ASHRAM in RIEFERATH near KÖLN The „Bhole Baba Ashram“ was founded in 1978. Babaji instructed Saraswati to buy an old farmhouse. It took many years of intensive and hard karma yoga to refurbish the old buildings and savaged gardens. With time, some devotees settled in the near vicinity.
More land was bought 1996 to accommodate an extra wooden house and kirtan hall.
From 1981 onwards Sri Muniraji visited the Ashram every second year, later accompanied by Shastriji. A big havankund was built which Sri Muniraji reanimated. Shastriji affirmed that this is an ancient holy place at which fire was worshipped. Babiji instructed to hold yagna once every month, and three times in a week havan at 6:00 in the morning. Every morning and evening puja is performed – worshipping of god in different aspects – in the temple followed by bhajan-singing. Everyone is invited to ceremonies.During the day the practice of karma yoga – performing duties in an unselfish manner for the pleasure of the Supreme – is done.Besides daily routine the ashram hosts a variety of spiritual seminars, concerts and festivals. Festivals like the worship to the Guru, Laksmi, Ganesha, Krishna, Christmas (Babaji started to celebrate this in Haidakhan) are celebrated on a regular basis.Ashram offers accommodation suitable for everyone, please book before. Saraswati met Babaji mid1970 and received intensive teachings from him.She led the Ashram 17 years long and her heart and home are open for everybody who need clarification in spiritual belongings.

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