Thus Babaji spoke about Ashrams:

24 April 1982

Shri Babaji has come into the world to show us the right path. He is doing it for everyone, while sitting here. There are ashrams devoted to Babaji in many foreign countries and He directs them from here. This is a divine leela of Babaji; within eleven years of His coming He has made many ashrams and temples. even the greatest of kings cannot accomplish these things without a penny in hand. Shri Babaji has unfathomable powers to satisfy individual needs. Many people have encountered frustration and failure before coming here and have been shown encouragement and the correct path.

25 June 2982

“You must all sing bhajans (devotional songs) wherever you are. In your countries you should assemble at least weekly for bhajans and kirtan (songs repeating God’s names). I emphasize work – karma yoga. The real bhajan is to do work. An idle man is like a corpse. You must work. Make ashrams. As there are islands in the sea, you should make ashrams in the ocean of the material world. Do not make small ashrams, like individual huts, but big, central ashrams, where many people can gather and learn to work together.
All of you have worked very hard here, with love. Those who dedicate themselves to universal service are fortunate and great. Morning and evening you should spend time reading the scriptures and the literature of Herakhan…
Everyone here is a soldier of Herakhan. Be dutiful for the sake of duty. Be prepared to make sacrifices. Do not fear the floods and flames of life. Be alert and prepared to face changes. Give this message to your countrymen. The time has come! Do you understand? Phuro!! Be alert! “

25 December 1981

Now the time has come to show the Path to others; how to do hard labour, not by sitting around, occupying His seat and issuing orders, but participating in all. Babaji has started all types of social work – dispensaries, educational institutions, distribution of clothes and feeding the poor. He has given money to buy horses, cows, and has created jobs. He has not only done this work here, but is expanding all over India. There is a very big ashram in Vapi, in Gujarat, where Babaji has started a dairy and hospital for animals, schools, and other social activities. There are ashrams in Bihar, Rajasthan, Madhya, Pradesh, Assam, Madhuvan (Mathura), Brindavan, Patna, etc. Everywhere His social activities are going on. Once Parvati asked Lord Shiva, her husband: “You have done good work for the people in all ages, but I am afraid for the people in the Kali Yuga; how will they safeguard themselves?” Then Lord Shiva told Parvati: “I will appear in the Kali Yuga and I will create a new state, a new center of religion – a most important place, where I will live and establish all the Gods there.  All the foreigners and visitors who have come over here are descendants of the great rishis and munis. We should learn from them; their sacrifice, their devotion, their duty-bound work, all these things we should copy – how they are performing their duties here, physically, mentally, and financially. In all these things, they are giving help. Many of the foreigners who have come here were searchers for a great Sadguru (Supreme Guru). Many others had visions or dreams of Babaji in their own countries and then came here to answer his call. They have worked hard and have done a fine job. Babaji is not at all attracted or tempted by material things. Whatever costly clothes the devotees bring to Him and He puts on, He takes them and distributes them to devotees. All that He does is for the betterment and benefit of all. We see this daily. So far as food is concerned, what He eats is negligible. He takes very simple rice, no cereal, and only a little fruit. But His feasts for us are from morning till night; He goes on feeding us like anything. Whatever comes to him. He never keeps anything in store. You can see that; and this is part of the reality of His divine quality. We are unable to understand Babaji’s divine leelas. As human beings, we cannot understand Him. He has come to give to us, but we are not fit to receive. We have first to make ourselves fit to receive, then we can sit near Him and understand Him.

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